Enfield Lock to Chigwell

Some photos taken on stage 13 of the London Loop.
Enfield Lock
Enfield Lock
Loop sign, Swan and Pike Pool
Cygnets, River Lea

I walked this section on the 8th August 2005. This is a comparatively short stage and also the stage nearest too where I live passing through an area I know very well. From Enfield Lock station the path heads to the Enfield Lock itself, photos 1 and 2. Photo 3 is of the loop sign at the Swan and Pike pool besides the river Lea and photo 4 is of some swans and cygnets .

River Lea
Ragged Robin?
London Loop signpost
Loop path approaching Epping Forest

Here the loop path crosses the Lea Valley walk, before heading across the Lee Valley and past Sewardstone towards the foothills of Epping Forest. The climb up from the valley towards the forest gives good view to the west across the King George resevoirs, photos 9 and 10. Photo 11 is of woodland nr Barn Hill and photo 12 was taken in Epping Forest looking along the loop path towards the area known as the Hawk Wood. For the most part this stage of the London Loop is quite well signed although I did manage to take the wrong route in Gilwell Park where a misplaced sign pointed me along the footpath that runs through the centre of the scout camp although it soon became apparent this was not the path to take. It had been a 50-50 call whether it was a misplaced sign or a new route for the path. There was a big scout event taking place and the area was packed with people accompanied by some extremely loud pop music which I could hear for quite some time as I wandered through the forest.

View across Lea Valley
View across Lea Valley
Barn Hill
London Loop path, Epping Forest

From Gillwell Park the loop path makes its way through Epping Forest towards Chingford station before heading down towards Buckhurst hill and the Roding Valley and on to Chigwell where this stage of the path ends. Photo 13 is of an old drinking fountain and photo 14 of the Butlers retreat in Epping Forest where I stopped for a quick sausage sandwich. Photo 15 is of the lake in the Roding Valley and photo 16 Chigwell tube station at the end of the walk. I was wearing my new Zamberlain walking boots and for some reason my feet were really aching on this walk, even though it was a very short stage. I have never known a pair of shoes to cause me such pain before in the soles of my feet and I can only hope that they improve as they get more worn in. I am assuming the make my feet hurt because the boots themsleves still have no give in them and do not flex with my foot when walking.
Immeadiatly after the loop path crossed the river Roding I was confronted by a signpost with two loop signs pointing in different directions which was rather confusing. One pointed ahead in the direction shown on the map and guidebook and the other alongside the river Roding. I decided to follow the riverside path however after walking for some time I still had not spotted another loop sign so I doubled back and rejoined the marked loop path just past the big sports centre. I was short of time, my father was coming up to stay in the afternoon, and my feet hurt too much to do any detailed exploration. From the sports centre the path led up to the B170 road, over the M11 motorway, and on into Chigwell and the tube station.
The double sign on the path was confusing however. Once back at home I found the following on the Transport for London website which offers some explanation; "The section finishes with a long walk besides a busy road but at the time of writing a proposal is being considered to avoid it by diverting the end of this section to Debden". I can only assume that part of this new route has now been marked. One for further investigation!

London Loop Path, Epping Forest
Butlers Retreat
Roding Valley Lake
Chigwell Tube Station

I forgot to turn my GPS off at the end of the walk but estimate this stage was about 8.2 miles long.

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